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Instruction and Training  

University Of Nevada Softball Programs
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Pitching Lessons and Private Softball Instruction
Qualifications and Experience:

ASA 18Gold 1st Team All American 1998 ASA 18Gold National Champions 1999 Galena High School (3 State Championships) Oklahoma University (NCAA National Champions 2000) Cal Berkeley (NCAA National Champions 2002) Taught by Don Sarno (USA Olympic Pitching Coach)

Specialties: Speed and Accuracy, Pitches: Change-up, Rise, Drop, Screw, Knuckle, Curve Pitching Strategies: Mental Focus, Game Situations, Leadership

Contact Information: Phone: 775.232.8703

E-Mail: Kourtney Davis

Hitting Lessons and Private Softball Instruction
Qualifications and Experience:

Kent State Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee, 2009 Team Captain

Two-Time First Team All MAC Selection and All Regional Selection, NCAA Division I

Three Time Kent State Academic Athlete Award

Sparks High School 


Specialties: Hitting, Hitting Strategies, Pitching, Catching, Fielding, Base Running

Mental Training, Speed & Strength Training

Contact Information: Phone: 775.722.2854
Email: Denae D. Kerns
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