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Welcome to the Sierra Fastpitch Online Registration Portal

 2024 Spring Registration is Now Open

Mobile Registration Link

At the request of our League Members, Sierra Fastpitch Softball has created an online registration option. To use this option click on the link below this text and it will take you to the League Registration page on Sports Pilot or you can use the Girls-Fall-Softball-2023 link

Sierra Fastpitch Softball Online Registration by


The four steps listed below show how to create your account and register 



1) To start the registration, you will need to create a new account or use your current account. This account is protected by a secure server and password. These functions protect your information. You only need to create this account once. Please remember your login and password. The account login page looks like this:






 2) Once you have created your account or logged in  you can then add an additional parent or guardian as necessary by clicking the +add button. You will need to use the same process to add each child. When all players are entered please select the Register Player button. The register player options look like this:

3) Once you have selected the player to register, you will need to select the program or season you wish to register for as pictured below. You will then need to select the appropriate age division. This will take you to the registration form. You will need to complete all of the fields marked with a red asterisk. These fields are required information. 


4) After completing the information required on the form, then select the Continue button. This will place the registration amount into your shopping cart. If you need to add an additional child follow the process again. After you hit continue, the second registration and fee will be added to your shopping cart. You must check out and enter your payment method. If you do not check out of the system and complete payment, your child will not be registered.

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